Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Our sweet little girl who has the craziest personality and who adds so much love and funk to our lives has turned 8!  She is a great big sister and my right hand gal.  She loves anything and everything about Presidents and First Ladies.  I'm loving her toothless laughs and all of her quirky facial expressions.  She is quick with the comebacks, which I don't always appreciate, but respect nonetheless.  She listens to music all day and is constantly recording herself singing, dancing, and playing her drums.  She is super serious about her school work, and loves checking in on her sister throughout the school day.  Gracie adores helping out her special needs friends and I'm so lucky that I get to witness her loving heart.  She still loves annoying her big brother and will try to use her manipulation skills on him no matter how many times he says no. Despite all the ups and downs with raising a little diva, we are so happy that we get front row seats and can't wait to see what's next for our Gracie Goose.  

Gracie and 12 of her friends celebrated her birthday at a Karaoke Bar. 
Music, dancing, food, and cake made it extra fun.  
They had a blast and it was such a cute idea. 
Perfect for the entertainer of the family! 

Opening gifts from family on the morning of her birthday. 

Gracie loving her party favors that we ordered just for her party! 

Big brother didn't blow the candles out.  
Little twerp was just faking her out. 

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