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Ashe Background

Monday, January 11, 2016

9+1= Double Digits

Well now Ethan has finally done it.  He has reached TEN despite my pleas and nagging.  I've been telling him that being ten was nowhere near fun, so he needed to hurry up and figure out a way to stop time.  His usual answer was, "I haven't built my time machine yet, so it looks like I'm turning ten."  He's super excited for what the future of being double digits will do for him.   I, on the other hand, feel sick to my stomach.  He is my sweet little guy that is addicted to Minecraft, Legos, and his skateboards.  He has very little fear which makes him the perfect rider and stunt maniac.  He could care less what others think of him and I absolutely love that about him.  He gets along with pretty much everyone and does really well in school that I rarely have to tell him to study.   After telling him one night that if he didn't get a 100% on his test, he was going to study the way I suggested for any future test.  Well my words came back to bite me because he got a 108% and proved his point that he was in control of his studying.  I can always count on him to love and help his younger siblings, but he is a true boy when it comes to his room.  I keep a fair distance away and just pray that no stray animals are being kept in there.   I've realized there's only so much nagging a mother can do.  

Ethan decided that he wanted to use his party money to get himself a big gift, so he choose to celebrate his birthday by going to the shooting range for the day and then pizza for dinner.  After the boys had enjoyed their day, they made it back home for the requested cookie cake and presents.  

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