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Friday, December 25, 2015

Lexie turns SIX!!!!!!

Lexie Rae, the happiest little girl we know, has turned 6! 

A little boy that goes to Lexie's school told me that he thinks she is the most popular girl there and I have to agree with him.  She says hello to everyone and even children and teachers that I don't personally know come over to say hello to her.  She is our innocent angel that captivates people with her happy and loving demeanor.  She loves going to school and really loves when they have field trips because she gets to ride the bus.  That's her most favorite part about school.  Pool used to be her favorite word to repeat throughout the day,  but bus has since taken it's place.  She loves her friends and siblings so sweetly, and we are still at the stage where I have to pull her off of people due to prolonged hugs.  She is such a big helper at home too.  Besides loving on Eli whenever she can, she's my laundry room companion and bus girl.  If there's a dish left on the table, she doesn't waste any time putting it in the sink.  She has made significant strides in potty training and takes such pride in the fact that she is acting like a big girl.  Plus the sweets really hit it home that she is doing a fantastic job hitting that goal.  Her sleeping at night has improved some what.  Not nearly as much as I would've hoped, but I know its more because she will not give up her love of napping during the day.   Another daytime activity that she still loves it outdoor playtime.  She could play outside all day long and be perfectly content.  

For her sixth birthday, we decided to take the celebration to the Georgia Aquarium.  I'm so glad that we did because it was great for her.  It wasn't too busy and the dim lights kept her attention which is perfect for a sensory kid like herself.  Lexie and her siblings loved watching the sea animals swim and playing in the kid area on the top floor.  We were able to meet up with friends, so it surely was a fun celebration.  After playing all day, we had cake and presents at home.   


Stacy said...

So glad Lexie continues to thrive and is such a happy girl. I enjoy your family updates and photos. You may recall from some of my previous comments that I found this blog when Googling San Antonio and hydrocephalus shortly after my grandson was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. I continue to check in with you all from time to time and wish your family all the best.

Ashe's said...

Stacy, Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Of course I remember your comments and love that you still read about our family. I hope your grandson is doing well. Many blessing to you and yours!