Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Monday, May 25, 2015

Life in Between

Found this picture of our last snow fall of the year!!!  

Driving to Walter Reed is exhausting, 
but hearing this piano as soon as you walk in quite relaxing. 

My big boy!! 

Gracie loves her mini me!

The glamorous life of a girl scout. 

Lexie and Eli are best buds!

Date nights are mandatory. 

She makes my heart happy. 

Trying to find the perfect hiding spot.  

Big sisters can be a pain. 

The kids requested this for their Easter dinner and I happily obliged them. 

WH Easter Egg Roll souvenirs 

Ethan's self portrait using a Picasso like style. 

Some moments are too sweet for words. 

National's baseball game goodies. 

Spring time is just too sweet. 

Teacher Appreciation gifts courtesy of Crafty Satci on Etsy. 

Some more goodies that I did for Teacher Appreciation Week

Eric and the kids having fun with the warmer weather

Mother's Day cuddle and kiss. 

My Mother's Day treats and trinkets. 

School drop off selfie

Lexie's and Eli's favorite thing to do outside, ride in the bike trailer. 

When the in-laws were visiting, I was spoiled. Yum! 

Such a beautiful place full of history and respect. 

Yup, I'm in love with it. 

He's now a Webelo! 

Drum lessons for our drummer. 

 Girl's Night Outs are the best

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