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Friday, May 01, 2015

Charming Convos

One morning as we were getting ready for school, I heard this conversation and I think of it often. Siblings of special needs kiddos have a special place in heaven for them.  

Ethan- Eli and Lexie are so cute!! I wonder why they are so cute?! 
Gracie- I know!!! It must be the Hydrocephalus, Ethan. Being special needs must make them adorable. {pinches Eli's cheek}

Here's another one that pretty much made my heart explode.

Gracie- Mom, what will happen to Lexie and Eli after you guys die? 
Me- Lexie and Eli will never be able to live on their own, but there are places that Lexie and Eli can go live at where people will take care of them like we do. 
Gracie- You mean strangers??? 
Me- Well they work there so it's a job for them, but we don't personally know them. 
Ethan- No way, they will come and live with me. 
Gracie-How about Eli lives with you and Lexie comes and live with me. That's crazy to leave them with people we don't know.
Ethan- I'm going to adopt Eli that way I can tell people he is my brother and my son. HAHAHA!! Oh wait, that sounds weird. No to the adoption. He will just stay my brother.   

One day as we were all on the way to lunch, Eric was driving a little too fast and got pulled over by a police officer.  After talking to the police officer and admitting his wrong doing, the police officer gave Eric a pass and let us go.  As we were starting to drive away, this hilarious exchange between a father and son still makes me laugh. 

Eric- Alright, guys. Did you see that I didn't throw a hissy fit or start arguing with the police officer. I kept my cool and admitted that I was going a little too fast. I respected him and his job. I didn't start crying like a baby.  
Ethan- You weren't crying on the outside, but I'm pretty sure you were crying on the inside. {giggling}
Eric- {Laughing }  Oh, I don't deny that, buddy.   

During the week, bedtime is at 8:30, but on the weekends it changes to 10:00pm.  One Friday night as the kids were going up to their rooms, I reminded them that it was the weekend so they could stay up later if they wanted to.  Gracie's reply was so cute and funny. 

Gracie- {Giving me her sly grin} Girrrl, you know I'm not going to make it past 8:30.  

She's too funny, but she's right. When she starts relaxing, she can't stay awake. 

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