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Sunday, April 12, 2015

White House Easter Egg Roll

The White House Easter Egg Roll is one of those experiences that excites and exhausts you all at the same time.  This event has been going on for many years, so it runs like a well oiled machine. However, seeing how this event is attended by thousands of people, it's best described as organized chaos.  The hurry up and wait concept is in full force here.  It was recommended by many of our friends that have gone before to get to the starting point at least an hour before your door time, otherwise the day's events would not go smoothly.  Talk about being intimidated!  Plus that was just getting in the door/waiting area, there was another one hour wait until you could actually gain entry into the main event.  But, don't worry, they play loud music over speakers to keep everyone happy and content!  

To a parent of a special needs child, hearing a two hour standstill wait time, loud speakers playing music and a mass of people pretty much sucks the fun right of you.   Our kiddos can handle some pretty tough hurdles, but when their patience gets tested and their sensory levels skyrocket, panic ensues and it takes no prisoners.  They don't understand that the end result will be worth it.  They want a escape and it doesn't matter to them who is looking or what fun thing is waiting for them.  Seeing how this was going to be our last year to experience this, I knew it was now or never.   I figured Eric and I, armed with noise canceling headphones and a mountain of snacks, could somehow make it through those pearly White House gates with our children intact, sweet success would be waiting for us on the other side.  That is if Eric would be able to attend with us, and unfortunately his schedule didn't work out in our favor.  Bringing along a sitter was Plan B, but that was quickly denied due to ticket guidelines.   I had three options...1) We all miss out 2) I try to take it on by myself and pray that we all make it out without security being called or 3) I take Ethan and Gracie while leaving Lexie and Eli with a sitter. 

After much thought I chose #3.  It was such a hard decision and I agonized over it, but I knew Lexie and Eli could care less about being there whereas Ethan and Gracie would absolutely love it.  I detest the sinking feeling that comes over me when I feel like Lexie and Eli are being excluded because they don't fit into neat little boxes, but I have to remind myself that I unconsciously exclude Ethan and Gracie from experiencing some moments to the fullest. 

This was one of those moments and they absolutely enjoyed it to the fullest. 

Itinerary full of special events 

Excited for the Egg Roll 

Ethan found a special egg and won a Land's End Easter basket. 
As you can tell by the picture, Gracie wasn't too thrilled that she didn't find a special egg. Haha! 

Dyeing Eggs 

Making Cherry Blossom Tree Journals

Checking our their goodies.  

Fun Memory: On the way to the egg roll, Gracie says, "I can't wait to meet the President!"   I explained to her that we weren't going to meet the President, but we may just catch a glimpse of him on the balcony during opening remarks.  Well after a few minutes after he finishes speaking, I overhear a woman telling her family that they need to hurry to get to the basketball courts because he passes right by them every year.  Thinking this may be my shot for Gracie, we quickly follow them and wait at a barricade that was already set up by the basketball courts.  Lo and behold, he walks right by us and Ethan and Gracie have the biggest smiles on their faces and are waving like lunatics. 
After he was gone, Gracie with a suprisinglingy look on her face says, "When did his hair get so white?!"   

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