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Ashe Background

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

PG-rated Spring Break

While many kids were rushing to the coastline to engage in Spring Break debauchery, our family stuck with tradition. We assembled Fort Ashe. Seriously, why can't they stay this age forever?  The moment I see my child doing a keg stand on the 5 o'clock news is the moment you will need to sedate me before I hurt them myself.  

Thankfully I have some sweet time before I have to release my mommy wrath.  Now I still get ninja and princess costumes, candy and cereal necklaces, craft monsters, and screams of excitement over a super easy, yet incredible fort. 

We built, we played, we created, and we loved! 

We gave Lexie a choice between pajamas or dress up and the girl choose pajamas. 
She is my child! 

Snack necklaces 


Bird's nest cookies

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Amanda Foxx said...

Can I come for Spring Break next year? Snack necklaces are my favorite!!!