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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Eli turns 2!!

This little guy has all of our hearts in the palm of his little hand.  He almost makes me want to have another baby.  Eli is laid back and always has a smile on his face.  He is growing more and more everyday, but we are still trying to put some weight on him.  His tongue aversion is making it a little difficult, but like all of his accomplishments so far, he will succeed.  He has transitioned from army crawling to crawling on fours and just two days ago, he showed us that he has no problem walking along side the couch.  Shocked mommy, but it was a good shock.  His favorite thing to do is unravel the toilet paper and he absolutely loves his bed.  We never get a fuss out of him whenever it is bedtime. He grabs his pillow like he's been missing it all day and passes out within minutes.  Must get that from me because I feel the same way about bedtime.;)  He, like most babies, loves to be tickled, is pretty much into everything, and absolutely adores his siblings.  I don't know if Eli has preferences on which one he enjoys being around more, but Lexie seems to get the most laughs out of him. We are still working with his speech therapist, but Eli seems perfectly happy only saying, DADA. Speaking of Daddy, Eric wants to cut his hair short, but I can't allow it. Once that happens, Eli will suddenly look older and it will remind me that we technically don't have any more babies.   Well I guess since we are done, we sure did end on a great note! 

Ice cream cake! 
Peanut and egg free, of course.

As you can tell from the last three pictures that Ethan and Gracie 
thoroughly enjoyed "helping" Eli blow the candle out.   
I just love how it doesn't even bother Eli.  

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