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Ashe Background

Friday, April 18, 2014

Live and breathe SOCCER!!

It's not technically true, but between the weeknight practices, weeknight games, and the weekend games,  it kinda of feels like our life is being consumed by soccer.  It's moving along just as fast as that black and white ball gets kicked around the field.

Thankfully Ethan is loving it and whatever makes him happy, makes me happy!  I snapped these pictures during the first game.  I love how this age group is still learning the positions while us parents, who are not familiar with soccer lingo (HAND WAVING HIGH), are receiving a crash course as well.

Ethan made a goal during the game, but I didn't get it on camera or video.  It wouldn't of mattered anyway though because it would've just been a big blur.  You  know those types of annoying parents that are bouncing in the chair and cheering their kid on with an insanely loud voice. Well, that's me!  The closer he gets to the goal, the more excited I get which leads to a very blurry picture of someone's foot.

About 2 minutes before the end of the game, Ethan had his first run with another players soccer cleats. Ouch!  He sat the rest of the game out, but he was back to his happy self in no time.

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