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Ashe Background

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Life in Between

Wearing Daddy's hat from when he was little boy.

Ethan got 1st place at the county fair for his age group. 
He made a bowl and a birdhouse out of recyclable materials.

Look who's able to sit up in the grocery cart now!

This picture cracks me up because it was almost bed time for the kids and Gracie was having a blast.
You can tell by my bloodshot eyes that I was exhausted and just going with it.

Lexie loves selfies

Lexie's Christmas presents from her teachers.

Our NYE spread

Looking so grown up.
Drinking hot chocolate while watching netflix.

On our flight back from New Mexico the airplane had a screen on the back of every chair. 
The kids watched Disney movies and I played solitaire. 
All I could think about was my mom and how much she would've loved it.


Melissa Morales said...

I love the picture of GRacie with her hot chocolate watching netflix!!! LOL She is definitely your daughter!!! Thank you for sharing these awesome moments. The kids are getting so big! Big hugs to you guys! Btw, Your hair looks amazing in every single picture!!

Kayla Archuleta Brown said...

I totally second Melissa! Love, love, love that pic of Gracie Loo Who!!! And that hairdo, gurrrrrrl! You so rocked those bloodshot eyes, hahahaha! XOXO