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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Lexie turns 4!!!!

Since we were visiting family during Lexie's birthday, we decided to throw her a small family party at McDonald's. She was't happy and pretty much cried during the entire thing, but her siblings and cousins enjoyed themselves. Normally she loves indoor playgrounds and enjoys going down the slide, but she made it quite clear that she wasn't having any of it. Oh well, its her party. 

Lexie has done so much in the last past 4 years that we can't wait to see what next year will bring us. 
She's communicating with us more than she has ever done and I know from what her teachers are telling us, that she is happy to learn.  She loves school and barely looks at me when I drop her off.  If I was adored by all of my classmates as she is, I would totally love school too.  She can be so silly and want an audience one minute to not wanting any attention the next minute.  However I think that's one of the things that I love about her.  She has her own personality and even when it may shine through at inopportune times, its there.  Thinking back to her birth, we got exactly what we wanted when it comes to Lexie. We got a child who has her own mind and uses it, expresses her likes and dislikes, and most importantly loves innocently. Yes, her vocabulary is pretty much a total of 4 words and she can't sit still longer than 2 minutes, but when you think about it,  those aren't nearly as important as to what she can do.  

She continues to amaze us.
She continues to amaze her doctors. 
Most importantly, Lexie loves being Lexie. 
That's all that matters. 

She watched home videos on my phone the entire time.

Eli with Auntie Jenny

We call this, I can't believe she put a pink bib on me, face. 

We love you, Lexie Rae!!

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