Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Friday, November 08, 2013

Life in Between

Be still my beating heart. 

Sewed some new pillows for fall. 

Fall porches always feel so inviting.

All ready for picture day!

Footed pajamas are the best!

We had a little bump in the road, but he did his punishment without a single complaint.

Showing off for his physical therapist.

Having fun at Girl Scouts.

He absolutely adores her. The feeling is mutual.

Love decorating with all of the kids past crafts. So cute!

"Get outta my way! I see a swing that is calling my name!"

A little boy was getting bullied by a group of boys, and Ethan put a stop to it. 
So proud that he stood up for what is right! 

This is what I see right before I go to bed every night. The monitor so I can watch the babies and the stack of books that I'm trying to get to!

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