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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Neglected Table Runner

    About two years ago, I came across this beautiful burlap table runner and I just knew that I needed to have it.  It looked simple enough to make myself, so I bought the supplies and began the sewing process.  In one days time I was done with the bulk of the runner, but just needed to sew the ruffles to the ends.  I put it aside and swore to continue it the next day. Guess what?? Yup, you've guessed it.  It has pretty much sat there since then.  It's quite hilarious when I think about it because in those two years, I was able to plan numerous parties, make decor and crafts for every holiday, SEW clothing and pillows, move our family across the country and even deliver a baby boy.  Yet, sewing two pieces of fabric to one huge piece of fabric was way beyond my capabilities.  So trust me when I say that I was ecstatic for finally finding 10 measly minutes to finish the longest running project ever. Dang it. 

      Table runner details- I decided to use muslin instead of burlap due to the texture and the price. I think its much more pleasing to the eyes and the hands. I also made mine a little longer than a typical table runner because I wanted it to fit my table whether the leaves were on or off.  Total cost was $45 bucks and two years!

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Kayla Brown said...

Those seams are FLAWLESS, Lady! Someday, I will get around to sewing the runner I intend to make (you give me great motivation with the two year time limit).