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Monday, July 15, 2013

Life in Between

Gracie has developed an app addiction.

For some odd reason I couldn't stop kissing her in this gown. Isn't she too cute!!
Waiting patiently for the surgery that will correct her strabismus. 

Nothing like sleeping in your bed after having a long day at the hospital.

Two informational binders for two special kiddos.
Now I can sleep a little better at night knowing that these are finally finished.
She adores him and he knows it. 

Footprint firecracker

Lexie's latest quirk- walking around in our shoes. 

Her app addiction strikes again.
This one is called TimerCam. It should be downloaded by everyone or at least the ones that are notorious for taking pics of themselves in their bathroom mirror.

Chucky Cheese Cheesers. 

Front teeth make the biggest gaps. I love it!

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Kayla Brown said...

OhmygoodNESS!!! Your babies seem to have grown so much in these last 10 months :'( They are incredibly beautiful, you and E are doing a great job!