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Sunday, September 16, 2012

County Fair

Seriously! Who doesn't love a good ole' county fair?! Our adrenaline junkie was memorized by all of the rides and I think his love for danger is rubbing off on his sister. Gracie was just a tad too small for some of the rides, but she quickly learned that standing on her tippy toes really does help a girl out! Lexie didn't get to go any rides, but the petting zoo was by far her favorite part. One surprising thing that I learned while we were there is that Lexie is NOT a fan of cotton candy!

Yup! Both Gracie and Ethan are on that crazy ride and it wasn't going slow.
 Gracie was screaming out of pure delight!

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Amy said...

I love the first pic of Lexie petting the goat!! pure joy!! oh and I love the name you picked for the baby!!