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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tiny leg brace

Last week we had a little accident at our house where Lexie got hurt. She was competing with Gracie who could get to Daddy faster but was sidelined when Gracie slipped on the couch. Lexie basically broke Gracie's fall. Since she doesn't walk we did not see a difference in her stance until the next day during therapy time. That is when I noticed she would not put any weight on it so we made an appointment with our doctor. After a series of x-rays we found out that it wasn't broken or fractured but the doctor wants to ere on the side of caution by having her wear a boot for 3 weeks. As of now we are 1 week down so after the next 2 weeks and another round of x-rays, we should be ready to start practicing walking again. She still tries to walk with it but gets easily discouraged because I am either stopping her or the boot unbalances her. Thankfully she doesn't seem to mind the boot too much.

Wiggle worm wouldn't sit still ;)

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