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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Ethan!!!!!!

It feels like I just wrote the post about Ethan's 5th birthday party and now here we are another year later. These years are flying by and our little boy is changing so much. He is such a blessing to our family and such a great big brother!

This year the kids were given a choice between a party or a fancy dinner and a special outing. Well, Ethan choose the fancy dinner and special outing but changed his mind a WEEK before his birthday. Now this realistic/hate to be ambushed mommy was " OH NO buddy, you made your choice, so now you have to stick to it." However, up creeps that horrible thing called mommy guilt! I made a mad dash to the store for invitations and we got them to school the next day. He invited all of his classmates from school and I think we had a great turnout. His theme was Indian Jones, which by the way is not so easy to find but thanks to craigslist and pinny, I think it turned out quite cute. We had it at Peter Piper Pizza which is a first for us and I have to say it was not hectic. I tend to like to throw parties at home because those places can get a little too chaotic for me but we had it early enough so it was quite nice.

Front of the invitation

Inside the invitation

The satchels that I made for everyone.
The boys got the traditional brown whereas the girls got purple.
Each one was personalized too and were so easy to make.

The cake

Everyone eating pizza

Ethan & Gracie
Lexie was already passed out in the stroller.

Opening Gifts

Listening to his new radio while reading a 3d book with 3d glasses.

Gracie showing off her satchel!

A huge thank you goes to Jami at Blackberry Vine for the inspiration, resources to other parties and for emailing me her labels!!

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