Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stem Cell #3

Last week Lexie and I flew to North Carolina for her last round of stem cells. It was great seeing Dr. K again as well as her staff. They are such wonderful people and make the situation as painless as possible. Well Lexie may disagree since she was the one getting poked but she is just a little biased ;). Dr. K said she was very happy with Lexie's progress and hopes to see more developmental progress. We do too!! It was a very quick trip so we were in and out of North Carolina really fast but I do have to say it is really pretty and green during the summer months. The last two visit were in the winter so this was a nice break.

Lexie would not look at the camera.
She was being a little difficult.

Architecture around Duke University

Lexie in front of all the trees.
North Carolina is REALLY wooded!
Something us desert people are not used too.

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Autumn said...

They are all getting so big! Lexie looks like a toddler now - she's growing so fast!