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Monday, July 04, 2011

Go-Kart...just what we needed?!

As soon as Eric realized that we had a daredevil on our hands, his first instinct was to wrap Ethan in bubble wrap. Oh wait, that was my mine. Eric's was to build him a go-kart!! Yup, not joking! Well, lo and behold my brother had his old go-kart sitting at my mom's house just collecting dust. Eric repainted it and got the motor working so this video is from that day. I was surprised by Gracie's willingness to get on. She had her helmet ready and was even trying to drive it herself. She has to ride with me but Ethan can reach the pedals (part where I cringe!!). Of course, Ethan and my biggest child Eric loved it! I would be lying if I didn't say that it isn't fun to drive but it is scary to see my baby drive it away. Ethan just replies with "Uggh Mom, it is just like my 4 wheeler!" No buddy...your "4 wheeler" is battery powered and goes maybe 5 mph. He still doesn't see the difference. He just knows where the gas and brake pedal and it seems the same to him.

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The Higgs Family said...

Just catching up on you and the kids (all 4 of You are one brave momma! Looks like everyone is having fun, enjoy the Go-kart.