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Ashe Background

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pure Jealousy

Jealousy is the only word to describe Eric's feelings when he sees me reading a book. When I start reading a book, I literally spend any moment of free time I have trying to finish it. By free time I mean the kid's nap time and bed time. So, as soon as they are down my nose is stuck in a book. However, my hubby feels that I tune him out and the rest of the world until I am done with that book. He will sit there and purposely try to start a conversation with me and if I don't answer him within a certain amount of time he will say "I just love talking to myself" or if I do answer him but just a couple minutes later he replies with, "Oh, now you answer" It is quite hilarious, really. So, basically what I did is I dared Eric to read just one of the books that I have read. Once he did that we would be able to talk about it together which would help him on not feeling left out. Within a second he replies with"Ugh, I hate to read...I will wait for the movie to come out and then we can talk about it". Suit yourself!!

Reading is very therapeutic for me and sometimes I like escaping my reality for fiction every now and then. Especially when I am stuck at a doctor's office knowing the topics of discussion are going to include the phrases "She's not reaching this milestone", "When we cut her scalp open" and "IF she reaches adult mentality".......blah, blah,blah. Some people may use drugs and alcohol to escape...I use books.

Below are a few of the books that I have read and liked/loved:

The Russian Concubine and The Girl from Junchow - Kate Furnivall
The Middle Place- Kelly Corrigan
The Shack -William P. Young
The Nazi's Officer's Wife-Edith Hahn Beer
Something Borrowed and Something Blue-Emily Giffin
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Steig Larson
The Help-Kathryn Stockett
and... the infamous Nora Roberts - Birthright, Blood Brothers, The Hollow and The Pagan Stone.


vance's mama said...

That is so funny!!! Chris says i am the same way as Eric lol it must run through our family lol

Gina said...

Ok girl. I love to read too. And I do just the same thing you do. What did you think of the Middle Place? I loved it.

I am going to check out your list next time I hit the library!

So wish we lived closer! :)