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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pink I

This week we have had the pleasure of housing this little known eye infection called Pink Eye. Gracie was the first to succumb to it and then it was Ethan. Basically, we hunkered down for one week with no one going or coming in. My little ones are always on the go, so to be stuck in the house for a week was torture. We couldn't even go outside because it has been raining all week. So in order to keep them entertained we have been doing a lot of crafts, puzzles, and pretend play. Below is a video and some pictures from our camcorder. For one of our crafts, I thought it was fitting to do the letter "I" with Ice cream. So we made the cone into a letter "I" and added some yellow ice cream with sprinkles.

If any one is interested, the website that I get some of my crafts from is called No time for Flashcards. I am always on the search for new crafts and educational ideas. I came across the website about six months ago and I absolutely love it. Ethan is not a "flash card" kind of kid so I am always in search of things that are unique and will keep his attention. Ethan and I have always done crafts and usually it was done during Gracie's nap time but lately she has been joining us. Which has been really great because she just needs to do one craft and will know the letter from that point on. I will have to videotape her because it is just amazing to watch her. She is one smart cookie!

Poor buddy with his pink eye and his letter "I"

She lost her composure during the craft and needed some time to herself.

She was able to calm down and got back to business.

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