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Ashe Background

Thursday, December 31, 2009


The shunt surgery went smoothly and the doctors were happy to tell us that they didn't have any complications. Tomorrow she will be getting a CT scan to ensure everything was placed in the correct place. She won't be getting an MRI for a couple months which by then we should see if placing the shunt has made a positive impact. We were able to visit with her afterward and she looked really good. Besides her bald spot on her head and the band aid where the stitches are she seemed surprisingly alert and was looking around.

The doctor said that while he was in there he did look around and confirmed that she is missing some parts of her brain. We asked him what prognosis he expects and we still did not get a solid answer. He says that it is not what he would like to see but to pinpoint how it will affect her is not something he can tell us. The only way is to just watch her grow and take everything as it comes to us. They basically are just as clueless as we are.

Despite everything that we have been through this month, we just want her to come home. The only thing keeping her from coming home is her feedings. They want to make sure she can handle a bottle at every feeding. I think it is because she is still a preemie and it is just going to take her a little longer to get a handle on it.

We want to thank everyone for your warm wishes and all of your prayers. We know that God has a plan for us and can only hope for the best.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I found you from the BabyCenter boards. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

My daughter had severe Hydro dx @ 18weeks, Schizencephaly and we were told she would be blind. She is now 16 months old and developmentally keeping up with her corrected age. Here is our story -

Blessings to your whole family. Your girls are all very precious!

Amy Hendrix