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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Close call!

Our newest addition seems to be very impatient and is trying to come out earlier than she is expected. With all of my pregnancies I have always had Braxton hicks so I didn't think anything of it when I got them Thursday morning. I thought they were just going to go away and started to brush them off. However, I started to realize that I was having a hard time breathing and I was having contractions every two minutes. By the time I got to the hospital, Eric was already waiting for me. Once inside and after being admitted, they started to give me medicine to stop the contractions and steroids to help her lungs in case she was going to come early. The contractions would stop and go but didn't seem to be letting up and I really thought as well as the doctor that she was going to be born. However, after getting the medication for two days the contractions finally let up and I was able to come home. Which I was extremely happy about because I missed my hubby and my kiddos. However, I have now been put on moderate bed rest and am not looking forward to it. Ethan and Gracie don't understand bed rest much less sitting rest so we are all going to have to work together to make sure that this doesn't happen again. Ethan seems to be understanding the situation but Gracie is having a harder time. As soon as I got home she wanted me to pick me her up. I felt bad telling her no but I really don't want to end up in the hospital again. Wish us luck!

Speaking of Gracie; she is now sleeping in her big girl bed. We were clearing out the office for an upcoming garage sale and decided to just put the twin bed in her room since she was gong to be moved in it soon and I already had her bedding. Well, once bed time came around she realized that we were putting her in the crib and not in the bed. We tried to tell her another time but she started to throw the biggest fit. She was screaming, throwing herself around, and throwing her leg over the side rail like she was about to jump out. Eric and I both looked at each other like 'What have we done?' Ethan was only one month older than Gracie when we moved him but a month is still a month. We decided we had no other choice and Gracie is defiantly one that you have to pick your battles with. After deciding to try it for one night, Eric went on the hunt for the bed rails. I thought she was going to get out at least 20 times before falling asleep but she fell fast asleep. The next morning I heard her over her monitor yelling, "Get out bed, Get out bed". I told Ethan to go and tell her she could get out by herself and I think she finally realized that she could come and go as she pleased. It has been about a week since she has moved and seems to be doing fine. She will get out and ask for a drink but normally she goes straight to bed. She even does well during nap times. I have to say that I am surprised, but we will see in about a month if it is still going so hot. I will have to post pictures later of her new bedroom.

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