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Ashe Background

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dallas Trip

For a couple days we went to Dallas to visit with our friends and attend their daughters birthday party. Miss Kayla turned 5 years old! I remember the first time I held her when she was a newborn and can't believe how fast 5 years have flown by. Have you ever heard this saying coming from a mom to her oldest child, "All of my children are special but because you are the one that made me a Mom you will always be very special." Well in a different way, I feel that way about Kayla, she was the first baby in our group of friends and will always be extra special to me because she made me realize how bad I wanted to be a Mom. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.....Well anyway, her party was a lot of fun and Ethan loved jumping in all of the bouncers. While we were in Dallas, I was able to meet up with my sister Stephanie and her three boys Trevon, Donivon, and John Michael. We meet up in some small town so that one didn't have to drive too far. She lives closer to Dallas than San Antonio. After lunch, the kids played at a playground while we laughed and joked that much of our narotic behavior is due to our parents. Overall, it was a great trip and I am hoping we get to go to a Dallas again later this year for a Cowboy game.

*****By the way, thanks to Gracie my cell phone broke and as of 4:00pm today I have lost 5 years worth of phone numbers so if you can text or email me your number I would greatly appreciate it. It is so scary that the only number I know by heart is Eric's cell*****

Trevon, Doni, and Ethan Playing

Doni and Ethan

Gracie swinging

John Micheal and Gracie swinging

Cody, Kayla and Ethan playing before the party

Thomas was loving the jumping castle

Gracie was so scared of the jumping castle and wouldn't even go in there with me, however she would let Nycole take her in there and play with her and Thomas.

Cody and Ethan throwing basketballs in another jumping thing

Cody and Ethan having a blast in the castle

One of the few of her not crying

Ethan sliding down the slide jumper

Rule breaker

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