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Ashe Background

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Vacation to South Padre

My parents, brothers, sisters and all of their kids came up for a family vacation. We all drove down to South Padre Island for a couple days of rest and relaxation. Well, maybe not that much going on seeing how the kids outnumbered the adults but we did have a lot of fun and it was great to catch up. I always feel bad that I can never spend enough time with my niece and nephews due to living far away and that when we do go home it is always around hectic holidays. It was nice to play with them and I know Ethan enjoyed playing with them. We tried explaining that they were his cousins but he just kept calling him friends. We went to Schlitterbahn Waterpark one day and the beach the next day. We also spent one day lounging around in the pool at the place where we were staying at. On the last night after our little ones were all sleeping our parents were kind enough to allow us one night to experience the South Padre night life. It was so nice to hang out with my siblings and we enjoyed "our" time. The next morning my voice was gone from all the laughing and talking we were doing. By the time we all left we were exhausted. Some of us got great tans and some of us got burned. I being the latter no matter how much sunblock I put on :( Eric and I did learn that Ethan is defiantly not afraid of water. He was jumping in the pool, running into the ocean and swimming all over the place. Our daredevil was loving it! I am happy that he loves the water and is not afraid of enjoying it but I have to keep a close eye on him because he will not wait for us. You guys, I had so much fun and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon, especially before all of our little ones grow up.

Grandma Margie and Grandpa Jerry with all of the Grandchildren

Ethan with his cousins under the raining mushroom

Ethan having fun

Gracie in her float

Gracie and I swimming

Ethan and Eric with Jacob and Trevin

Barbecue Duo

Swimming with Dad

He loved the wave crashing in on his feet

This video is of our kids jumping into the pool (Ethan is on the far left)

Swimming in the ocean

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