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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Today is a very special day because our little one turns two years old! Time just flies by. We cannot believe how much he has changed and continues to amaze us each day by his little antics. He has really grown into his own little person. He is a pure boy, he is so active and enjoys playing the mischievous role a little too much. We enjoy watching him grow especially now that he is learning so many new words and phrases. It actually makes some conversations quite interesting. We cannot wait to see what how Ethan grows into his new age and continues to learn new things.

However, we did have a rough start today because I was at the hospital for half of the day. Around three this morning I woke up feeling so horrible with a fever, chills and I was having irregular contractions. Even though, they were irregular, they were still painful. Well, after some blood work and an exam the doctor just concluded that even though I was having some irregular contractions I wasn’t dilating. He said that since I am now 34 weeks he can’t give me anything to stop the contractions. Basically, grin and bear it!

Today was also our wedding anniversary. Eric and I enjoyed a nice grown up evening out knowing it may be our last for a while once this little comes. We honestly think she will make her debut on Valentines Day. Not that it may be cute to born on Valentines or anything. Just saying that since Ethan was born on our anniversary and watch her be born on Valentines. Our romantic holidays would be shot!

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