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Ashe Background

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It snowed!

This morning we all awoke to a snow covered ground. Of course, as soon as Ethan saw it he was ready to go outside and kept saying "outside" every time he walked by the window. After hearing him whine for awhile, we all got bundled up and he was running out the door. He just kept walking around and was taking it all in. I don't think he remembers last years snow. However, since it was morning, it was still pretty chilly so we started to head indoors. Ethan was not to happy with that decision and just wouldn't come in. The only way we got him to come inside was assuring him that we would come back outside in the afternoon when it got a little warmer. He held us to it because as soon as he was up after his nap, he was ready to go again. This time it wasn't as cold or windy, so it wasn't torture for us. I don't think Ethan even cared how cold it got because he still didn't want to come inside when it was time for dinner. But once we did get him inside, our slow cooked dinner of pulled pork sandwiches were waiting for us. It was a great ending to such a cold day.
Rosy nose and cheeks
I don't want to come inside!


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