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Ashe Background

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 more days!

Ethan has been so good on not sneaking in a look on his Christmas presents. Eric and I on the other hand have been horrible and we cannot wait. As soon as we get a box in, Ethan is good about placing all the gifts under the tree and walking away. Whereas Eric and I try to guess what it is before we have to put it away. I tell Ethan that we are going to open them soon but since I have been saying that for a while I think he is set on that those are permanent fixtures in our house. I think now that Ethan is older this year; he is going to get into the unwrapping of gifts. Last year, he would unwrap and just want to play with that toy but I think he will just go nuts and start ripping everything.

I am looking forward to the after Christmas shopping. I do not get into big crowds and never go the day after Thanksgiving but I really need more Christmas decorations. This will be the best time to get them at great prices. I have always wanted to go shopping after Christmas but every year we are visiting family and I can’t go nuts. Therefore, since I will be here for Christmas I am taking full advantage of it.

Well we are less than two months away from our little one arriving and she is just as active as ever. Lately, I will get a jab from an elbow or some bulging from either her head or her butt. She is running out of room and I am uncomfortable no matter what I do. Standing, laying down, sitting, it all does not matter anymore. With Ethan, I never got a Braxton Hick contraction but had tons of heartburn. Now I get about 4-5 Braxton Hicks contractions a day and I have tons of indigestion, not heartburn. Lately, I have been busy just trying to get prepared for her. I have washed her clothes, had to go searching for the packed up bottles, and Eric found the bassinet for me. I have a couple more things to do but I think we are ready.

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