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Ashe Background

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Today for our playgroup, we met at a local museum. There was so much to look at and do that Ethan just kept busy racing from one exhibit to another. It was all hands on so I didn't have to worry about him breaking anything. Among all of the things to do, his favorites were the grocery center and the giant play box that didn't have sand (thankfully) but instead had tiny pieces of a rubber material like tires. I loved it because it didn't create a mess and he wasn't going to be itching all day. He did however get quite upset when we got to the Lego portion and realized that some of the huge detailed models were enclosed in glass. He tried his hardest to move the glass but it just wouldn't budge. Poor guy, it was such a huge tease.

I have been a very bad boy
"Freeze!" He was caught getting into the audio cabinet.

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