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Ashe Background

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Truck Show

This weekend we went to Young's Dairy to see a vintage truck show and of course to have some of their delicious Ice cream. Ethan loved seeing the trucks just as much as his daddy did. There was even one truck that looked like Mater from the movie Cars. There is also a petting zoo at the dairy and Ethan had fun feeding the goats. He would run and pick some grass from the lawn and then run and feed them. He kept doing it over and over, it was so cute. I am so glad that he enjoys animals, I really think that us having a dog since he was born has helped him to not be afraid of other animals. But poor Jager, Ethan is always trying to ride him or poking in his ears and his eyes. Thankfully, Jager has so much patience and loves licking Ethan.

We ended the weekend with Ethan going to daycare and us enjoying a nice grown-up dinner. They said he had fun and when we got there to pick him up he was happily playing outside.

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