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Ashe Background

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Yesterday was Ethan’s 18-month check-up. After waiting an hour to see the doctor Ethan was in no mood to poked and prodded. He weighed in at 25 lbs and is now 33 inches tall. As soon as Ethan’s clothes were back on and we had seen the doctor, he walked out of the room, got into his stroller and started to buckle himself up. It was as if he was saying, “They did what they had to do, now let’s go.” Thankfully, there were no shots at this visit.

Ethan has so many teeth and enjoys brushing them more than any other kid I know. He knows that brushing them comes after bath time but before bedtime. Lately he has just been associating sleeping with brushing. Once I say that it is naptime, he starts pointing to his teeth while saying “teeth” to show me that we must not forget what we do before going to sleep. He does have the spitting thing down but forgets that he cannot swallow before he spits so we are still working on that. We are grateful for training toothpaste that are not harmful if you happen to swallow.

Of course, Ethan is still a ball full of energy and enjoys playing outside. He is also in the stage were he just wants to help. He will pick up the broom and tries to sweep the floor even though the broom is twice his side. He is always eager to help daddy fix odds and ends around the house and loves going and getting whatever Eric may need.

He is doing well on learning his body parts, animals and other objects. He enjoys reading books with mommy and daddy and especially loves to hear daddy read the Itsy bitsy spider book. Ethan looks so adorable when he is doing the hand signs for the spider. He puts his whole body into it. He also loves seeing trains and trucks. Every time we see a train, Ethan is right beside us going choo-choo.

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