Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Monday, July 09, 2007

Ethan’s 1st Camping Trip

This past weekend we went camping with some friends of ours at one of the state parks. We had a lot of fun and Ethan enjoyed the outdoors just as much as we did. He was a little weary of the tent at first but by the next day, he started to understand that was where we were going to sleep and eventually came around. The lake was great and he had fun swimming as well as playing in the sand at the beach. I was a little worried about him when the campfire was started because I did not know if he would understand that he needed to stay away but once he saw the fire he sat in my lap just looking at it and wouldn’t budge. Something about it scared him and I was just glad that he knew to stay away. We are hoping to go again sometime soon.

Ethan and I around the fire
Ty and Ethan trying to fill up their water guns
Yes, I accidently forgot his bathing suit but remembered the sun block.
Daddy and Ethan in front of the tent

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