Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fork in the road

Ethan and I have this power struggle during dinner time and it always relates to who will hold the fork. I try to help him and show him how to do it but it ends up with both us losing our patience and he just ends up picking up the food with his hands. Therefore I have given him control of the fork and just realizing that if he makes a mess, he makes a mess. It can all be cleaned up. The other day we ate spaghetti for dinner and he got it everywhere. He had it in his hair and all over the seat. I have no clue if he even ate anything. He went straight to the bath after that dinner.

Other than the mess, Ethan seems to really enjoy feeding himself. He does better than expected and just stabs at his food till it gets stuck on his fork and then is really good about placing it in his mouth. I still watch him closely to insure that no fork accidents occur though!

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