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Ashe Background

Friday, December 15, 2006


Now, I can truly sympathize with other parents about doctor visits. Ethan was doing so well since my last post but then it just went downhill again. I was so sick of talking to a nurse on the phone and there not being any available openings with this pediatrician that we finally went to the ER. I thought surely they may be able to help, I knew that they couldn’t totally stop Ethan from throwing up but maybe they could tell me what I could & couldn’t feed him, or what I could do to make it easier on him. Of course my expectations were smashed when the physician’s assistant told me that since Ethan was not looking sick he must not be sick, not to give him any formula, handed me a sheet of information and then we were scooted out the door! How can you not give a baby any formula? I threw out his advice with the piece of paper and made an appointment with the pediatrician for this morning. I made it clear that I did not want a nurse or the assistant, I want the actual doctor! We did meet with the real doctor and after explaining that just because Ethan is walking around with a smirk on his face does not disguise the fact that he was throwing up gallons, has a decreased appetite and it is turning our house upside down. I wanted answers and not the turnaround! Thankfully, the doctor must have dealt with others like me because he was great, answered all of my questions and even contradicted the doctors in the ER. We left the hospital with so much more information and actually felt better on how to treat this flu. I just want Ethan to get better and back to his normal self.

On a lighter note, Ethan is doing so well at walking! He looks so cute waddling everywhere.

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