Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, December 31, 2006

1st Christmas

We had a wonderful and a unique Christmas. We were able to visit our families and friends. We had such a great time and Ethan did really well on the flights to and from Alamo. I am just glad that everyone got a chance to be apart of our special Christmas and for Ethan to get re-aquainted with his family. We finally got to eat some homemade mexican food which we have been craving since there isn't much of a selection in Ohio. Our families were so great with our busy schedule and Ethan's early rising ( 2 hour time difference) It was truly wondertful to be home, Thanks Everybody!

Picture with Santa--Ethan's Grandpa Dan who has been dressing up for 8 years to hand out candy canes in front of his decorated house which won "best lights" in our home town!! Ethan in his Christmas Suit.
Ethan loves him some sugar cookies!!
More interested in the ribbon than his gifts

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