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Ashe Background

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Leaving our room

Last night was the first night that Ethan got to sleep in his crib and in his own room. If Ethan could stay the same size forever he would of never left his bassinet, which would’ve stayed on the side of my bed till he was 30. However, he was getting to big for it and would often wake himself up because he would scoot so far down which would constrict the movement of his legs. On an earlier post I suggested that maybe we would bring the crib into our room. However, Eric and I realized that when he does wake up too early it is due to Eric’s Alarm clock, which goes off at 5:30 and he might sleep even better without us also being in there as well. So we deemed last night to be our experiment night and here is how it went. I feed Ethan at 9:00 and he was put into his crib at 9:30. I had the monitor turned up to high and had both of our doors open. I was feeling a little guilty and kind of weird not having him in our room. I remembered thinking how I would thank the heavens on the day he moved out of our room and into his. That was until I actually had to do it and was not really thankful but just worried and nervous. If I could’ve slept with the monitor taped to my ear, I would’ve. I kept asking Eric “What was that? Was that Ethan?” Eric calmly, “He is fine.” Well I did not hear a peep out of him all night, so when Eric’s alarm rang I ran out off bed to see if Ethan was okay. Now it is still dark so when I quietly walk in, I don’t see him. MY HEART DROOPED! But I see a little object in the far left top corner of the crib all huddled up. He had scooted himself all the way up there, which surprises me because I had put him towards the bottom last night. I touched his tummy just to check and everything was fine. He was fast asleep and I about had a heart attack. Well even with my little interruption Ethan slept till 8:00. After all that Eric says, “I am really afraid when Ethan eventually has to leave our house, you are going to be freaking out.” My response with a smile, “It will be out of Love.”

* I did remove all toys and blankets before he slept in his crib*

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