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Ashe Background

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

All by himself

Well Ethan has been sleeping thru the night for the past weeks and we have discussed the idea of putting him in his own room. I am a little worried because the other night Ethan started choking and I couldn't get him to stop until I picked him up. That was scary because it is 2 in the morning and you hear your child trying to gasp for air. Once that happened I started to think what if he had been in his room and I don't think I would of heard that over the monitor. I am thinking maybe bringing his crib into our room and letting him sleep in there. Therefore he can get used to his crib but still be in our room and close enough to ease my worries.


Mom:Margie said...

Oh, he looks so so cute!!

Miss you all so much.


Danielle said...

mom says thats a good idea!

angel said...

That is scary. Olivia chokes every now and then but it's always been during the day and I've been right there with her.

When you do put him in his room you'll wake up at every sound, at least until you get used to him being in his room by himself.

Your profile pic is cute! You're one of those people who is beautiful pregnant....and you don't look that big to me. Did you see how huge I got?!

Ashe's said...


I did see your pic and you looked very cute pregnant. I just know that I felt huge and waddled everywhere.