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Ashe Background

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nerf or Nothing for #11!

Like any boy his age, Ethan LOVES Nerf guns.  He's either playing with one, researching the next one to buy or running around with neighborhood kids having Nerf gun wars.  They even have their own set of rules and all seem to really enjoy it.  So I wasn't shocked when he mentioned that he wanted to celebrate his 11th year by having a Nerf party.  Thankfully there is a huge hanger on base that is primarily used for family recreation, so it made perfect sense to have it there.  The kids had so much space to run around in and it was nice to have a contained area for the crazy amount of bullets that would need to be picked up.  Ethan and his friends had a great time!  

Along with his love for Nerf guns, he also loves playing sports, minecraft and legos.  He's still a Star Wars junkie and enjoys riding his scooter and bike around the neighborhood.  He got straight A's on his last report card and his teacher has only had great things to say about him.  He's still as sweet as ever with Lexie and Eli.  Gracie and him have their sweet moments, but they don't hide their not so sweet moments either.  He's super easygoing, doesn't stress too easily and thinks yo momma jokes are the funniest jokes known to man.  Even though I have to tackle him on a daily basis to get kiss, we love his sweetness and complete innocence regarding life! 

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