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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fiery Fours

Our youngest has officially turned four and I'm pretty sure my troubled sigh was heard by many.  It's bitter sweet when we celebrate a new birthday with Eli because he's our last baby, but he has come so far that we know he will continue to surpass our expectations!  The little baby that was once timid, laid back and shy has now been replaced with a loud, easily distracted, can't sit still toddler.  He changes his mind constantly and when I don't react appropriately, he will start tossing his body around and screaming his heart out.  When things are going his way, he's cuddly and sweet with an occasional kiss here and there.  He adores his siblings and I can tell that he wants to rough house with Ethan more than I will allow.  He's lacking confidence when it comes to walking independently, but has no problem running with his walker down hallways.  I'm praying it's not too long before he finds his courage.  He loves school and rolls right in without even a glance in my direction.  He works hard there and often comes home exhausted, but it's such a great feeling when I know he's excited to go back the very next day.  He loves playing outside, seems to have traded Family Feud for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is still as picky as ever when it comes to food.  He would be thrilled if his diet would only consist of grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk for the rest of his life. 
There are days when I'm tempted to let him have his way, 
but those adorable dimples only get him so far. 

Instant party with the neighborhood kids! 

Five minutes later and he's upset that I'm offering him a bite of his cake. 

Gracie's face makes it look more horrifying that it was.  Trust me. 

See!  He finally realized that it wasn't broccoli. 

And then we are back to being upset.  It tough turning four, people!  

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