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Sunday, July 10, 2016


I can't stop using this hashtag because I'm that excited I get to finally host a bridal shower for my dear friend, Tiffany!!!!  She stood next to me 12 years ago when I married Eric, so I'm overjoyed that I get to stand by her side in September when she marries her love!  I hosted the shower in Las Cruces, New Mexico where Tiffany lives which worked out beautifully since I was able to catch up with some friends and family while I was there.   I had a fantastic time planning this party and even though I had to do it over the phone and miles away, it came out simply beautiful.  It's such a honor to be able to spoil her and September can't come fast enough! 

My grandmother and I built the backdrop and we had so much fun doing it together! 
It was a labor of love which is now hanging in Tiffany's dining room. ;) 

We had lunch at the Sunset Grill which overlooks the Sonoma Ranch Golf Course. 
It was the perfect location and the food was top notch! 

These cookies were so freakin' cute and tasted delicious.  
SweetShopNatalie on Etsy made me scream with joy when I got these beauties in the mail. 

Isn't this cake absolutely gorgeous!!! 
Let Them Eat Cake did a fantastic job and followed my directions to a tee! 
It was absolutely delicious as well. 

We finished off the day with dinner and Green Chile Bloody Marys!! 
Such a great day celebrating her! 

So I can't go to New Mexico and not indulge in my favorites.  
Green Chile, Red Chile and DION'S!!!! 

You thought it was going to be another annoying food pictures and it isn't. 
It's me running all that food off. Or at least me trying to. ;) 

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