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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our last baby is now THREE?!

There's nothing I can say that can accurately describe how crazy we are about this little guy! 
Just one little smile and tight hug from him could melt the coldest of hearts.  Eli adores his siblings and when they are around, he just takes it all in.  He shrieks with excitement when it's time to pick them up from school.  Eli is often too busy to cuddle, but when he does want to cuddle it's the best part of my day.  He loves throwing balls around the house and really enjoys it when they make loud noises.  He's still a fanatic about Family Feud and will ignore a crazy house full of noise just to clap for Steve Harvey.  He relies on his walker to get around, but I know as soon as he overcomes the fear of falling, he will be on his way without it.  His favorite song is "If you're happy and you know it".  I try to incorporate new speech sounds in the song seeing how he only knows a few words, but he seems to be catching on.  When the weather is nice, he loves jumping on the trampoline and watching the outside balls bounce.  Just like his brother and sisters, he could live outside and be perfectly content.  These last three years went by too fast for this emotional mommy.

To celebrate Eli's birthday, we went to McWane Science Center in Birmingham, Alabama.
 It's a fantastic learning environment and we had a great day playing. 
After the busy day of fun, we returned home for cake and presents.  
Egg and Peanut Free cake for the birthday boy, of course!     

Gracie and I spent way too much time being entertained by this crazy eel. 

The birthday boy was very clear what stuffed animal he wanted to leave with. 

I think he loves it!! 

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