Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Kona, Hawaii

My parents invited us to Hawaii and seeing how this vacation would be the first vacation Eric and I got to take without our little ones, we were hesitant but intrigued.  Thankfully we are very lucky to have such great family members that flew in to help us.  I wasn't the least bit worried about our kiddos which was great because I got to enjoy Hawaii to the fullest.     

We don't mind if we do! 

My parents welcomed us to Hawaii the traditional Hawaiian way.  Leis! 

Old volcano lava tube 

This statue of King Kamehameha has a very interesting story to it.  It was actually made on the Big Island which is his birth island, but was shipped to Honolulu to be displayed there.  The boat actually ended up sinking and it wasn't found until many years later, so the Hawaiian people believe that he wasn't happy about leaving his birth island, so they returned him and this is where he has stood since then.   I totally geek out over stuff like this.    

Polulu Lookout

Yeah, I'm probably the worst hiker.  This was taken on one of my many breaks. 

Akaka Falls

This was taken on the way to Champagne pond.  
I wish you could've seen this in real life. 
It was that gorgeous and electrifying. 

Snorkeling by the Captain Cook Monument

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