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Ashe Background

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our American Girl turns 7

Our Gracie "Goose" is now 7 years old! 

Gracie has the craziest personality.  She can warm our hearts one moment only to shock us into a state of embarrassment the next.  She loves school and we couldn't be happier with her grades.  It's sad to say, but her handwriting is looking better than mine most days.  She enjoys her friends company, but on occasion has shown that she is confident in her own thoughts and opinions.  While it's a daily struggle to foster a good relationship with her brother, Ethan, (whom she secretly adores) she's a great sister and I often refer to her as their second mom.  She, just like any girl her age, enjoys playing with barbies, drawing beautiful artwork, and having tea parties.  Her love of music is electrifying and it's usually the reason why we have impromptu dance parties in the kitchen.  She truly is a blessing to have and rounds out our family quite nicely. 

To celebrate her special day, Gracie decided on a lunch with her best girl friends at American Girl Doll Bistro.  It was such an amazing experience and I loved watching her treasure it.  She is such a girly girl that it makes my inner child squeal in delight! 

Birthday morning presents

Birthday Outfit

Birthday lunch at school the next day

American Doll Birthday Party

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