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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Frozen Swamp

Gracie, like most girls her age, wanted to be Elsa the Snow Queen for Halloween.  Seeing how Elsa has a younger sister, we just knew Lexie would be the perfect Princess Anna. Well once you have two characters from the movie, you might as well add another to play the cute snowman. Eli's as cute as can be so he got the job.  Ethan wasn't going to have anything to do with our little grouping, and went for the more scary route with Swamp Creeper.  I want to say we walked about 6 blocks until the kids had full bags of candy. This was the first year that Lexie walked a good majority of the way.  She has been doing much better transitioning from one surface to another and doesn't try to crawl as much.  We had a tricky time going up and down steps, but she hung in there.  Which surprises me because I was sure she would demand to stop and eat the first candy bar or freak out that we didn't get to go into the houses.  Thankfully both of those things didn't happen.  She did try to go in the first couple of houses, but once she realized what was happening, she was good to go.  Another successful Halloween full of happy kiddos! 

Halloween Breakfast 


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