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Ashe Background

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Nothing screams Halloween like a pumpkin carved into a scary monster. 
The kids had no problem picking out the faces that they wanted on their pumpkins, 
but were not at all thrilled about the whole de-seeding process. 

I may have had to say at multiple times, "Do not eat that stuff?"

"Is your pumpkin biting you? Why the face?"

This little guy basically had a dinner and a show. 
Yeah, he's anti-bibs right now. 
My bottle of  oxy-clean thinks an intervention is in order. 

3 seconds prior to this picture, she was screaming her head off. 
What is about cameras that get kids to act right. 
And I just noticed one of her annoying older siblings stuck the pumpkin sticker on her.

Ethan's pumpkin is on the left and Gracie's pumpkin is on the right 
which really means Eric's is on the left and mine is on the right.

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