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Friday, June 21, 2013

Last day of Pre-K and 1st grade!

Sadly we've reached the end of another great school year, but thankfully summer break has only just began. I think it was great year and the kids seemed to have enjoyed their first year at this new school.  Gracie and Ethan both had parities to celebrate the end of the year, but I doubt the parties were the highlights of the week because all they could keep saying was "NO SCHOOL!!"  Here's to a fabulous summer full of memories and togetherness!

Gracie with her teachers
Getting her Pre-K diploma
Gracie and her buddy Addyson

Ethan with his teacher
Summer banner
Celebratory throwing the back pack in the air.

Ice cream treat after school!

Summer Bucket List


Kayla Brown said...

Ok, that pic of the kids throwing their bags in the air, AMAZING!!!! P.S. I wanna tag along for Ocean Day and the Myrtle Beach Trip ;)

Kayla Brown said...

Oh, and also the National Treasury!!!!