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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lucky # 7

Yup... I can't even believe it! 
Our beautiful son has officially turned seven!!
Excuse me for a moment while I wipe the tears away.....

Ethan will forever be my baby. 
Even when he surpasses me in height and weight, he will still be my baby.
He's such a fun loving, energetic, risk taker, wearing his heart on his sleeve kind of boy. 
He matures a little more every year, but this year he has shown more responsibility for himself and his actions.  I rarely have to correct his actions as much which is such a blessing because his sisters are keeping me on my toes.  He's really starting to understand our hidden jokes which makes for some funny facial expressions and conversations.  He's completely addicted to anything that can be made into a a science experiment or a magic trick.  He's still certain that he wants to fly jets for a living and that he does want to be a daddy.  If I told Ethan he could have whatever he wanted for dinner, his reply would be. "Coke, pizza and chocolate candy!"  He cares what people think of him, yet still has to be reminded that positivity is rare among some people.  He loves to dance and play games especially if he can change his accent.  He's still a very devoted brother despite the abuse his sisters throw at him.  Lexie uses him as a jungle gym, yet he's still very gentle with her. For his good behavior at school he gets to choose a toy from the classroom treasure box every Friday, but chooses to gift it to Gracie as soon as they get in they car. Thankfully, he still doesn't mind holding my hand in public and his smile always makes me feel better. We only have 11 more years before Ethan turns 18 and can forever leave our lives if he chooses. However, I hope we as his parents are doing everything possible to make him feel important, wanted and loved.

Enough with the heavy.....Party Time!!! 

Ethan invited all of his classmates to a local play place for a mad scientist party! 
There was pizza, cake, ice cream, gifts and TONS of playing. 
Ethan said he had a wonderful time!

Special Birthday Breakfast!

 Ethan got a birthday surprise during lunch time.....his lunch!

Mad Scientist Cake

 Ethan's favorite buddy Dario, and his classmate Cara.

This picture makes me smile because anytime you point a camera at Lexie and ask her to say cheese, she ALWAYS shakes her head and looks away. Not today!!!!

Opening his gifts

He looks like a mini lumberjack


Melissa Morales said...

Ethan is such an awesome kid with a heart of gold!!!!!

Kayla Brown said...

Seven months have passed since you originally posted this, and Mama, he has definitely grown! It's quite amazing to see your child (your first, at that) become his own person, to see a change in interaction within your relationship. It's a blessing that I know you guys are grateful to experience :)