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Friday, December 28, 2012

1st Christmas as a Family of 6!

Christmas Eve!

Eli's 1st Christmas

4 little dev...angels sitting in front of the tree!

Christmas Day

I told him to smile or I would Photoshop something on his forehead.

Lexie feeding herself with a fork is a HUGE thing in our house!

Pictures of Christmas Chaos!

Lexie enjoying her gift from her grandparents. 
A mini trampoline to keep her busy body moving!

Slides are a huge favorite of Lexie's so she was 
ECSTATIC when she saw this from the grandparents!

It seems like Easy Bake Ovens are all the rage again! 
Gracie opening her gift from her grandparents.

Ripping paper is pure fun for this little girl!

Ethan painted a coaster to give to his daddy!

Eli can barely contain his excitement!

Santa heard Gracie LOUD and clear!

He begged and pleaded! 
We had a serious discussion and he is aware. 
When he and Eric are not shooting cans, the gun is placed back in the gun safe.

The kids have just spotted a brand new gift from the grandparents.
A trampoline!!

The kids left the camera clicker right by the fireplace and the camera hiding under some blankets. 
Thankfully, Santa now knows that CVS photo is open till 11pm on Christmas Eve. ;)

Eric and I both agree that the holidays are simply the best now that we are parents. The excitement and innocence that beams from their little faces literally skyrockets the Christmas spirit in our house. I know that it will not be long before they figure out Santa, but I hope the Christmas magic will always stay with them. Hearing them run down the stairs and watching their eyes open wide is pure joy! In fact, the only day where I am cool with my children waking up early is Christmas. I am so anxious to see their reaction that being more sleep deprived is somewhat tolerable.

 Since we live so far from family, it is important to me that we have our own traditions as well. From Reindeer breakfast, to Christmas lunch to watching a marathon of classic Christmas movies while drinking hot cocoa are just a few of the things I hope to continue for many years. Heck, I told Eric that Elmer the Elf will still be making appearances when we have grandchildren. Me and every mother I know only wish that when our children think of Christmas they think of home and all of the wonderful memories surrounding it!

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Autumn said...

So sweet, Destiny! I just want to pinch Eli's little rolls in the first few. I think Santa either really loves your kids or really doesn't like you guys too much by giving Gracie drums and Ethan a BB gun lol! Have fun with that;)