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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!!

Saturday our little Gracie turned 4 years old! She had been anxiously awaiting her birthday for a few weeks now so she was beyond thrilled when it finally came. I was 100% certain that Gracie was going to choose to have a birthday party because her brother had a party and she typically follows in his footsteps. However, she had other things on her mind because she immediately told me that there was going to be no party. She wanted to get a manicure and pedicure, go out to dinner on the river walk and then come home for a presents and a Tangled cake. I was somewhat surprised by the no party idea but not by the mani-pedi idea. Gracie is a total girly girl so that is right up her alley. I really thought she was going to change her mind about the party but she held her ground. So on Saturday her and I went straight to the nail salon for some pampering which she absolutely loved. As soon as we walked in she was already taking her shoes off and rolling up her jeans. You would think that she was a regular customer by the way she was acting. All I could do the whole time was day dream about all of the wonderful moments her and I will share doing girly girl things. Unfortunately for us it was pouring that day so the river walk was out but Gracie had no problem filling it's spot with Peter Piper's Pizza. Which is where we headed to after her nails were completely dry. After lunch, we finished off the afternoon with cake and presents at home. She told us she had a wonderful day and I believe her! She had her mind set how she wanted to spend her special day and we were just happy to be apart of it!

Girly Girl!

Fun at Peter Piper Pizza

Lexie really enjoyed the pizza! Can you tell?

Ethan is always lucky! I will send him with a few coins and he always comes back with an insane amount of tickets. I can't wait till he turns 21 because I am taking him to Vegas!
Ooops! Did I say that out loud?! Seriously though, crazy luck!

Present Time!
Her facial expressions were cracking me up!

Tangled cake!
She and I loved it!

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