Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Monday, October 31, 2011

Award Ceremony

We are very proud of our Ethan for how well he has taken to school! He is absolutely in love with it. His teacher has told us before how wonderful he has been in class and we are totally those parents who ask "My child? Are you sure??? Maybe you got the wrong kid" Well, to be fair we know he is a really great kid and loves to learn so it is not that much of a surprise. While Gracie throws a fit during any activity, Ethan is always ready and waiting to learn something new. However, to know that your baby is doing well makes any mommy happy!

Ethan was able to get all 4 ribbons!
He even got the Pillar of Character which is only given to one student in each class!

Ethan standing by his teacher after getting his award.

With his entire class.

Small video of Ethan accepting his award!

Gracie standing in front of the Wall of Honor! If you look close you can see Ethan's picture right above her head! To get on the wall of honor you have to be caught doing something above and beyond for your fellow classmates. Ethan shared his jacket to a friend who was cold.

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